Bloom Flower Bloom

Bloom Flower Bloom
its been a while~

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Diary : Mess d diet up

several days ago i decide to eat clean again n workout
but sumtimes when u r stayin with ur family
u noe what im goin to tell ya, its kinda hard to keep me on d right track
n yes d office life mess up d diet haha...yes when ur mom call u to eat ur breakfast n she prepare bun n curry..chicken curry . yes n i mess up d diet again today.
its nt d mom's fault.  
bile keje pulak, colleagues used to bring some kuih-muih n ask us to eat em n usually they mde pick d kuih. urgh n i juz let d food that u hardly want to getrid wit em masuk dalam usus n perut in big ammount. n yes. i mess up again. 
today after a long day went out with le parents. n makan lebih dari sepatutnya..aku cube untuk workout . - -