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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How I lost 20 kg with my own efforts

February 2012, my weight is 85kg. even im over weight than the weight i should have, i always put on the nicest dress(baju kurung, blouses, skirts, skinny pants, scarfs), make up and put a smile on my lips. but in the end of February 2012, everything is change. several of my friends tell me that they are on diet from 2012 but no positive outcome or changes in them, i thought as their figure is just the same and they have no exercise in their daily routine. im thinking why they got no change.

(based on malaysia time)i tried to avoid meats and chicken. my meals is oat, nescafe and 500 ml mineral water for breakfast, fruit and mineral water at 10 am,vegetable and fish dishes for lunch. tea and two plain biscuit in d evening and just sum more water and oat if im hungry at night. i did some exercises in the morning and evening: jog every morning or evening base on my class schedule. aerobic in wednesday, sauna two times a week,work out in gym 3 times a week. brisk walking sometimes.

for the first month there is no change except my weight start to loose about 5kg. in the next three months, all of my friends were suprised when i loose some more, and my weight is 75kg at that time. one month and a half for semester break gimme chances to keep on diet and excercise at home. when i step in my class, my friends start to ask for my secret and what product i take. i said; "i dont take any, i change my food intake and my lifestyle". i go on with my routine. day by day.

Im a student at that time, so my life is no time to waste as i've part time job in a bakery too. i got to work on my study, part time job and my weight as well. but i believe i can do it. if you want to make your dream come true, you should believe you can do it and work on it. I got no car, so ive to take the university bus and walk to my class. It helps me to excercise too. the bad habit is: i cant leave my coffee. thats d only thing i cant throw it away. I set a goal to loose 10kg as im 75kg.

I remembered people always said that I look like younger sister of my mother, which means my mom look still young and i look old than my age. my mom is 45 and i was 22 when i was a 85kg girl. I did my daily routine : food intake, work out, classes, part time jobs, assigments, call mom. All of that. Train myself. No products as im nt believin on em. in the end of that semester i lost 5kg so i got 70kg on that time. people who know me well, showered me with praises and congrats me.

that daily routine helps me a lot. now, im a happy girl. im 64kg right now. my boyfriend that support me along our 4 years relationship. mom and younger brother giv the courage. what i shud do right now is keep doin my daily routine and try to loose some more till 55 kg as that is my ideal weight (my height is 157cm). All we have to do : believe in our dream and work on it :)

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