Bloom Flower Bloom

Bloom Flower Bloom
its been a while~

Friday, December 21, 2012

friday morning : breakfast

wht i hv for my breakfast??
ok its nt important for othr pipel to concern to, xcept bloved mami n dedi~
:D yaa i know i know
if i cme back to my hometown, dis kuih u olls, i will nt forget, ever, to eat it
d one with sugar sprinkled on it..yummy-eh~~
accompanied wit hot nescafe...ommo~ u olls i lv to eat my breakfast

my mom's fried rice
its juz a light, simple fried rice as mami jz put some vege, chilies, salt, red onions, garlic, without sliced chicken or meat.
yeah~we used to eat dat. aku pon senang buat :D

n if i so lazy bone~mami n dedi of coz will bring us out to any warung or perhaps mamak restaurant.

:) im so glad we r so close dis year. huhu.. n i dnt have to cry...again

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