Bloom Flower Bloom

Bloom Flower Bloom
its been a while~

Friday, August 19, 2011

conteng2 : a touch from my buddies, Hafiz Azlan

i noe him 4 several months i tot..
hes a nice guy, sumtimes nt into d mood XD
lulz~ dont get me wrong !! he is jz a fren of me~

tis is his FB link. noe him is one of heppiest thing 4 me
we luv conteng2 n i askd him several days b4 to conteng a frog for me
a kind of Keroppi like
tis is his conteng :

he said tis is me ..hahaha XD
wit tat fat belly? apizzz!!! XD

ok i lov tis one. those round big eyes..ohoho.. ilov dat man

thanx a lot 4 d conteng~i appreciate 'em..
froggies, ur father hafiz azlan ask me to tke a really good care of u :D