Bloom Flower Bloom

Bloom Flower Bloom
its been a while~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

me&brown eyeliner

i lov black n my shirt, most of them wuz black
some purple n green
n my febret kaler for eyeliner is black too
2day i tried to wear brown eyeliner
its not that bad
the colour wuz pretty ohsem
i used avon brown stick eyeliner
my mother's bt i took it as she left it sumwhere XD haha
am i bad? haha~
she have tonnes of that..its ok, i tot
urmm..4get bout that..
as my skins is asian-type..of course im a lil bit tanned look ^^ oh perasan~
bile tak make-up, i juz put my eyeliner on and maskara
usually when i hang out wit frens 4 sum discussions, meeting, shop for our thang
i lov to let my skin free from make-up after classes
put some baby johnson powder..
ok thats all for today
d truth is " rindu nak pegi class" arini..i dunno y..

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