Bloom Flower Bloom

Bloom Flower Bloom
its been a while~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

heppy-er ^^

sehari lepas i hang out wit mr bubuk
yikkss...haha XD ilov that..bubuk
mr bubuk dtg ngan kete wira yayah die
fetch me a lil bit far frm my house
as jiran2 r so minah-kepochi
walk towards that car then get in it
sembang2, gurau2
bought KL Gangster movie ticket
while waitin d clock tick tock for 12.40 pm,
we bought a small curry pizza kt food court jusco
i ate 1/4 je sebab rase bawang die strong sangat
xbrape ske
then i bought a regular caramel ppcorn, coca cola
b4 we got into the cinemas..
KL Gangter is pretty fun n i enjoyed it
as i lov action and comedy
i hate horror n jiwang-karat mvies
lepas tgk cite tu, jalan2
then he send me home
^^ bui bui

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